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Liability Insurance for Federal Employees and Contractors

For Federal Contractors
Working Overseas,
FEDS Protection is the Solution to Your Insurance Needs

Many of you may know that FEDS Protection has been serving the Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) needs of federal employees and the federal community for nearly two decades. We have built our reputation on our customer service and a platform of education for federal employees, in addition to providing peace of mind and professional protection. 

What you may not know is that we also specialize in providing federal contractors with insurance for coverage outside the United States (OCONUS). That’s right! We partner with A-rated insurance companies that have been authorized by the Department of Labor to write Defense Base Act (DBA) Workers' Compensation insurance. But wait, there’s more! We also specialize in writing Foreign Package policies with robust coverages that are not found on domestic insurance policies.  

Our Foreign Package policies are similar to your Domestic Package policies, in that they provide General Liability and Contingent Auto Liability coverage.  However, unlike Domestic Package policies, Foreign Package policies also include Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion coverages, Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation coverage, and Foreign Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverages.

Senior Underwriter Deb Moylan leads our team at FEDS Protection, can help your business navigate the unique insurance requirements of your government contracts, and understands the unique challenges involved in government contracting.  

Whether you are in the RFP bidding process or have already been awarded a government contract requiring DBA Workers' Compensation coverage, FEDS Protection gives our clients a distinct competitive advantage by providing quick, understandable DBA Workers Compensation and Foreign Liability quotes from Department of Labor-approved insurance carriers.  

Visit or call 301-284-8887 to review your insurance requirements and receive a no-obligation quote today! 

Inclusion in Action

FEDS Protection wants to celebrate those who work together from diverse backgrounds in order to move our country forward. These efforts are not and cannot be made alone. They are completed each day with empathy, energy, and intentionality. While some moments can be awkward, other small wins can be awesome.  Regardless, each inclusive action is worth the effort. 

We hope each of you were are able to play a small part in the path toward progress and continue to do so in your own way. We will continue to stand with you in this effort every step of the journey.


"In today’s challenging workplace, federal managers confront a wide array of decisions requiring split-second responses in a ‘do more with less’ environment. The purchase of professional liability coverage, as offered by FEDS, can provide those managers with a safety net should their decisions lead to forms of legal review. I recommend any manager with the potential of such review to secure a policy of this type for their financial protection."

-Todd V. Wells, Executive Director (Federal Managers Association)

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