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September 2021



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FEDS Protection Continues

to Promote Federal Employee Awareness of PLI


FEDS was founded in 2007 on a platform of education in order to make government employees and contractors aware of their significant professional exposures.  As part of these educational outreach efforts, FEDS routinely publishes articles in outlets designed to get information about Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) in front of the federal employees who need it most. 


Recently, FEDS published an overview of federal employment exposure and PLI for Federal News Network (article here), which we feel gives a helpful guide to those federal employees who want to learn more about PLI.  The article details the most significant areas of exposure for federal employees and the specific coverages available through the FEDS Protection program.


To read the article, click here or find us on the Federal News Network website.

Liability Spotlight—FAA Managers


In the federal government, one of the groups subjected to the most scrutiny and workplace pressure are managers for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). FAA managers are subjected to constant changes in policy, politically charged agendas, and accountability demands.  During these times, scrutiny is a given.  


It is a common misconception that FAA incident-related matters as well as employee allegations and complaints will be automatically defended by the agency. Oftentimes, FAA managers will find themselves needing to hire and pay for outside legal counsel to defend and dispute these matters, even if the allegation is baseless.


To learn more about how FEDS Protection can protect FAA managers, click here.



Client Testimonials 



"You already know that FLEOA’s legal assistance and representation are only a phone call away. What you might not know is that you also need the protection of a professional liability policy. FLEOA worked with the DOJ and other associations to get the legislation passed so your agency would pay for half the premium – because you need it – for civil suits aka Bivens actions, as well as potential criminal investigation. I recommend FEDS for every FLEOA member.”


Lawrence Berger, Esq., Outside Counsel to FLEOA



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