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June 2021


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Effective immediately, Federal Employee Defense Services/FEDS Protection is excited to announce that it has added a $3 million civil liability coverage option to its program offerings.


The new $3 million coverage option will be available for a $490 annual premium. 


*Managers, supervisors, and law enforcement officers are eligible for agency reimbursement of up to 50% of the PLI premium cost.*


If you have any questions about this new policy option, please contact us at or (866) 955-3337, M-F, 8:30am – 6pm. 




A Message from our President


Hi, I’m Tony Vergnetti, the President and Founder of FEDS Protection.  I write to you both as the President of FEDS Protection and as a former federal employee.  It was my mission 15 years ago to build a company that does right by federal employees, and I hope my team and I have done just that.


As a former fed, I have been in your shoes and know how stressful it is to live and work in times of uncertainty.

For many current federal employees this new stressful environment has unfortunately become the status quo.


2020 brought the federal workforce unprecedented challenges, and 2021 promises both continued and new pressures.  Federal employees can alleviate these worries by protecting their careers and assets with FEDS PLI. 


With the unknown still facing us in the year to come, there’s simply no better time to sign up for FEDS Protection than right now. 




Chad Hooper

PMA President 

Client Testimonials 




"We at the Professional Managers Association are proud of our partnership with FEDS Protection. FEDS has generously supported Federal managers and management officials for nearly 15 years through the great protection their product provide, complimentary consultations and information sessions to keep our community aware of risks we face, and support of our association and others like it. The Federal community faces unique challenges and FEDS stands apart with its deep knowledge of the workforce and Civil Service protections.


Speaking from personal experience, FEDS is incredibly responsive when a situation arises. No manager ever expects to navigate an EEO complaint, internal investigation, disciplinary proposal, or even Congressional testimony. FEDS is with its members every step of the way. When I needed their support, I received important and timely advice. FEDS relies on its long relationships in the sector to secure outstanding representation for its members – often at firms a civil servant could never afford to retain without this coverage.


PMA advises all its members about the need for professional liability coverage, and we are confident that FEDS will provide them with the service they deserve. Our members face mounting risks from all sides, and we rely on FEDS to keep us informed of new developments, new case law, and other factors that can cause Federal managers to unintentionally fall into a scary situation. We are endlessly grateful to everyone on the FEDS team for their knowledge, candor, and support. To any PMA members reading along, please protect yourself today with a FEDS PLI policy.” 


Chad Hooper

PMA President 



FEDS Protections Events


Woo-hoo! FEDS Protection is now back to attending conferences. 

Here is our schedule for the 2021 year.



August 16th-19th 2021

Tampa, Florida



August 2nd-3rd 2021

Chicago, IL 



August 16th-19th 2021

Orlando, Florida 


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