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August 2021



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Caught in the Spotlight:  Why Federal Managers Become the Face of Government Scandals, and How PLI Can Protect You




On August 26, FEDS President & Founder Tony Vergnetti & FEDS Director of Federal Employee Programs Brenda Wilson hosted a webinar titled "Caught in the Spotlight:  Why Federal Managers Become the Face of Government Scandals, and How PLI Can Protect You.”  Whenever and wherever you turn on the news, you will see coverage of ongoing "scandals” within the federal government. 


While these controversies are mostly prompted by decisions made at the highest levels, the public face of a government scandal often becomes a long-serving career federal manager who is made to be the scapegoat.  If you are a federal manager, are you prepared for the spotlight and intense media scrutiny that may come with an investigation into your office’s conduct? 


In the webinar, Mr. Vergnetti and Brenda Wilson discussed how Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) is a critical piece of any federal manager’s playbook:  an insurance policy that will provide you with legal representation in the event of a civil, administrative, or criminal action that arises from actions taken in your scope of employment.  Mr. Vergnetti also detailed why PLI is so important, and why FEDS Protection is the PLI provider trusted by the nation’s leading federal government associations.


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Why Federal Managers & Supervisors Need PLI


In addition to the August webinar focusing on the workplace exposures of federal managers, this month FEDS also released a new fact sheet detailing the specific liabilities federal managers have on the job, as well as the coverage that a PLI policy from FEDS Protection provides.  Many federal managers are also unaware of a major workplace benefit—their agency is required to reimburse up to 50% of the cost of a professional liability insurance policy.


To read our new federal manager fact sheet, click here.




Client Testimonials 



"FEDS is ready to protect you should one of your decisions lead to a situation where your career or personal assets could be at risk. This does happen - to good managers - and that is why your agency will pay up to half of the premium. CALL FEDS TODAY - it is an important decision you won't regret."


Patricia Niehaus, Past National President, Federal Managers Association (FMA)




FEDS Protection News


WIFLE’s Annual Leadership Training Conference


This year’s WIFLE Leadership Training in Tampa, Florida was deemed a triumphant success on a multitude of fronts.  It wasn’t just the quality sessions addressing challenges, challenging discrimination, and promoting equities, there was a component to this conference that will leave a long-lasting legacy and further the goals of WIFLE to provide development, training and competency initiatives that include the theories and methodologies of mentorship as experienced and new law enforcement officers strive to thrive in the critical area of cross-cultural awareness and demographic dynamics.


As the leader in federal employee professional liability insurance, FEDS was thrilled not only to be a part of the conference, but to further strengthen our standing in the law enforcement community, support the initiatives of those we protect and defend, and embrace the mentorship component of leadership. 

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